You Can Succeed as a Single Parent

You Can Succeed as a Single Parent

The number of single parents are on the rise. Here are six keys to find success.

Dr. Kevin Leman: The Six Keys to Successful Single Parenting …

More than 25 percent of children in the United States are being raised in a single-parent home according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Ten million of those homes are maintained by women. Though there are many ways to become a single parent (divorce, death or even through adoption), Kevin says all parenting has challenges but single parenting has additional ones. “If you want to succeed as a single parent,” says Kevin, “keep this in mind: challenges are simply challenges, not insurmountable obstacles.”

He says an important consideration is that single parents should not strive for perfection. “There can be a happy ending,” he says, “if you do things right. But you can’t make your kids happy at every turn.” After counseling thousands of single parents and their children, Kevin discovered six keys to single parenting that works.

Key 1: Create a plan. Look at the whole picture of your life, where you are and where you will be.

Key 2: Know yourself and your child. Helping your chld means starting on yourself first.

Key 3: Gather a team. Being a lone ranger can be lonely so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Key 4: Focus on the ABC’s. Acceptance, Belonging and Competence.

Key 5: Know what to say and do when kids ask. Hard questions come up. Know what to say.

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Health is wealth. Even in a dire situation as a single parent you can be “wealthy”.

7 Rules to Be Wealthy as a Single Parent | SUCCESS

There are 12 million single-parent-led households in the U.S., a figure that continues to climb as the number of babies born to unmarried mothers grows. In fact, 57 percent of millennial moms in the U.S. are not married when they give birth, according to a Johns Hopkins University study.

Despite scant positive media messages about what is possible for these parents and their families, un-partnered parents of all income levels thrive in countless ways. For four years I have blogged at and have interacted with thousands of these parents. Most are women (85 percent of single parents are moms) who have built incredible lives for themselves and their families. Follow these rules to become a wealthy single parent:

1. Take full responsibility for your quality of life. Yes, your children’s other parent might be legally and morally responsible to share in raising the children, both logistically and financially. But he or she might not do that. Focus on what you can control, and never give your power away to others.

2. Never under-earn to qualify for more child support or alimony or to avoid paying child support or alimony.

3. Live a full romantic life that you crave and deserve, and never be ashamed of this part of your life just because you’re a parent.

4. Never make professional decisions “as a single parent.” When faced with an opportunity to build a career or business that empowers you, or to earn more, or to create the life you crave, always go for it. You and your children will benefit in countless ways, including having an energized parent, more income and setting an invaluable example for your children for what is possible.

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Raising disciplined children in a single parent family is difficult but not impossible.

Keeping Your Kids Disciplined as a Single Parent – JK Lee Blackbelt …

Raising a child is hard enough in a traditional, two-parent home, but for single parents, the challenge is even bigger. As a single parent, the responsibility for disciplining your children and shaping them into responsible, productive members of society rests squarely on your shoulders. You can’t rely on anyone else to do this. It’s your job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it’s an incredibly tough job to handle all by yourself.

Make no mistake—you have your work cut out for you. But if you’re committed to giving your children the structure and discipline they need and deserve, you can succeed at this major challenge.

Here are some tips to help you maintain discipline in a single-parent household.

Are you a single parent? What’s your biggest challenge in raising your kids? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Jeff Miller is the founder and senior counsel at, a law firm that offers clients affordable, flat-fee legal representation for divorce in Florida.

Read More: Keeping Your Kids Disciplined as a Single Parent – JK Lee Blackbelt …

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