Whatever Happened to Patience?

Whatever Happened to Patience?

Patience is a virtue. Many say it has been long lost.

Whatever Happened To Patience? – Go Retro!

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Stress and anxiety may be greatly reduced if we practice the virtue of patience.

How Practicing Patience Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

I used to say, “Patience is a virtue I don’t have.” So, of course, that is how I lived my life. Hurried, exasperated, impatient, and stressed out.

Not only was I a creating a world where I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off—because everything had to be done now, and anything that got in the way of that had to be removed immediately—but I was creating this world for those around me.

My children often bore the brunt of my impatience. If they didn’t get dressed fast enough, or show up at the dinner table as soon as I called them, or get into the car when it was time to go, they met my wrath. And, I had a wicked tongue.

I was constantly haranguing them to stop “being lazy,” “quit dawdling,” etc. Somehow, their lack of speed equated into being lazy or “less than.” Where did I pick up such a mentality?

Do you find yourself constantly speeding to work, rushing through the grocery store, and generally snapping at people who can’t keep up? How does this make you feel inside?

For me, it made me feel wound up like a tight ball. I felt a constant sense of anxiety. And, it didn’t make me feel good about myself—certainly my best self was not shining. Mostly, it made me feel chronically stressed out.

Researchers have recently been able to prove through MRI scans of peoples’ brains under stress that stress causes certain areas of the brain to shut off. This means there is less activity in the brain—which leads to a depressed brain. This also leads to an angry brain because there is less neurological activity happening to process things that are going on in your day-to-day life. It’s like a traffic jam in your brain happens because you don’t have enough snowplows to clear the road.

This frustration can lead to a trigger-happy mouth—one that blurts out frustrations and snaps angrily at people. Because, the brain is thinking so hard, it hurts!

This used to be my life: constant impatience and its ensuing anxiety > chronically stressed brain > chronic depression > inner rage and anger.

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Eight ways we benefit from being patient. Patience is the key.

8 Ways Practicing Patience Radically Increases Your Capacity for …

We’re told from a very early age that patience is a virtue. However, very few of us are ever really shown or taught how to be patient. Patience is not something we have; it is something we consciously do. Patience is like any other hard-earned discipline: The more we practice it, the more patient we become.

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To be successful, we need patience when it comes to employee relations, business negotiations and communications, as well as achievement of the strategic goals we’ve set. Further, we have to remain calm amid the big and small twists and turns that come with life. It is only through being patient that we can truly learn from the curveballs which get thrown in our path.

Here are eight benefits of practicing patience:

Impatience is a habit, and so is patience. When we lack patience, we are unable to delay gratification for more than the moment, which fills us with frustration. Frustration is the emotional energy that drives “quitting.” When we’re impatient, we’re unable to work toward our business goals in a dedicated fashion. We start to quit in order to start again, and we run this pattern over and over. 

Changing a habit requires strong motivation. We have to be guaranteed rewards that will come from adopting a more mature response. Patience can reward us with positive recognition, greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, stronger profits or a promotion we seek. Whatever the measure of realization looks like, surely it is the sum total of patience plus hard work.

When it comes to making good decisions, patience is your most formidable resource. Many people in business are looking for an edge over their competition and ways to improve their performance. If this is you, don’t be disillusioned enough to believe that sharp business plans and the best talent around are a substitute for the virtues needed to guide and direct a business in the right direction.

Patience is one of those virtues. When we are patient, we stay out of the negative stories that can cloud our judgment. “What-iffing” ourselves with disastrous outcomes is typically human, but also completely destructive to our capacity to make sound decisions. When we are patient, we have the mindfulness to stop and focus on the present moment. By being in the moment, we are able to make wise choices that take the big and small picture into account.

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Whatever Happened to Patience?

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